Monday, September 15, 2008



I keep forgetting to post these pictures. They're several weeks old at this point, but cute nonetheless.

Everyone, meet Charlie.


Or, rather, see him again.
First, here. Then, here. And again, here. Another time, here. And lastly, here.

Charlie was one of our puppies. And we gave him to our friend, Phillip. Well, technically to Phillip's parents, since Phillip was still in Tanzania, where he was spending a couple of years working with the Peace Corps. But he's HOME now! And when we went to see him, there was the added bonus of getting to hang out with Charlie too!


He's a good combination of Rosie and Ollie. Rosie's size. Oliver's good looks. And just the right balance of both parents' personality. And I love that brown nose!!

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Aww, I love Charlie! He's so sweet!!
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