Monday, December 3, 2007


Oh geez.

There are times when I come face-to-face with my own corniness and ... it just astounds me. Like the fact that I was tempted to title this post "Who let the dogs out?" That is just ... bad!

But the pups DID go out this weekend. For the first time without being carried outside, they toddled their own little way out the door. And usually, after being forced outside, they sit by the door and whine until you come let them back in. Not so this time. Instead they covered the whole yard, and until I disturbed their pattern, they followed around like a cloud behind Rosie, trying to eat.

"Girl Ollie". The only girl. She has learned to defend herself in a room full of brothers.
She's going to Mr. Bobby, who will train her to "run squirrels".
Charlie. The chocolate beagle. He's going to Phillip Shealy - our friend who is currently in Tanzania with the Peace Corps. He comes home in June. (But don't worry - Charlie goes to Dr. & Mrs. Shealy at Christmas!)
"As Yet Unnamed Black Puppy". One of "The Twins". This one has been claimed by a nice couple by the names of Timothy & Jennifer. Really, I think the puppy chose them. He settle right nicely into Timothy's lap when they came over to see the pups.

The big shake on such a little dog ... it kills me!

Dakota. This one is the puppy that Maggie named "Dakota".
He will be a Christmas surprise for some very excited kids in our area.

"Boy Ollie" gets curious about the camera.

"Boy Ollie" and Turk are playing, while "The Twins" pose for a shot.

Turk is going to live with our friend Ben. His coloring always makes people look twice.
He's a chocolate beagle with a red face. I can't wait to see what he looks like when he's grown.
And those blue eyes ... Ben's in trouble.

I love this picture because it effectively communicates what life with seven puppies is like: Busy.
They're always doing their own thing. "Girl Ollie" is practicing for her future job as a hunter.

"Boy Ollie". If Kyle could name one thing better than having Oliver as a pet, it would be having TWO Olivers. And this one is the SPITTING IMAGE of Oliver. He looks just like him (down to his little freckled nose) and has his same temperament, down the fact that you literally have to make him get up and walk around when you're trying to feed him. He's a lazy boy. Just like his daddy. He'll be a good pet ... for someone else. :-D

(Clay ... email that picture to Bill & Julia!) :-D

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Oh. My. Goodness.

And to think I considered them cute before. Now they are just what puppies ought to be. Wow.

Also, I like how the puppy on the far right in the "busy" picture (Boy Ollie?) looks like he's pointing. And, since when has Turk been Turk?

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