Monday, November 12, 2007


Puppies ... again.

I've been looking forward to when their eyes open up. But really, now that it's starting to happen, it's actually kinda gross.

Here are some pictures that a friend took last weekend.


One can never have too many pictures of puppies. Ever. Immutable Law of the Universe.

But what's gross about eyes opening?
At this point, only half of their eyes are open. And by that, I don't mean half the number of the puppies' eyes, or one eye on each puppy. I mean that each eye is only opened half-way. And there is this foggy eye underneath. While it's fascinating ... it's kind of gross. And it makes me blink a lot, because I remember the days of pink eye when I was a kid and my eyes would get that nasty stuff in them where I couldn't open them. I blink a lot out of sympathy for the fact that their eyes won't open the whole way yet.

Also, I've blinked a lot while typing out this comment.
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