Monday, April 30, 2007


A List of Loves

In no particular order ...
  1. I love Journey Church. And I love that it meets at night, so I can sleep in on Sundays ... guilt free!

  2. I love Kyle Polk. He's a fabulous drummer and now you can hear what he sounds like by going here:

    Also, he played "auxiliary percussion" for John Vanderslice this weekend. Which basically means that when John invited everyone on stage with him to sing "My 424", the drummer threw a tambourine at Kyle and he got to play along instead of singing

    My husband wants those drums. He can't have them.

    Add that to the resume of awesome drumming things in my husband's life. Because he was really excited about it. (Also, ridiculous, RIDICULOUS, how good that girl (the one playing bass) was. She is St. Vincent. She is ... wow. Just wow.) Also, John was overheard telling a friend at the merch table that this show was the best of the tour so far. I believe him.

  3. I love my dogs. They're bad, but I love 'em.

  4. I love my future flower garden / current pile of sand, mushroom compost, and topsoil. Kyle and I bought pretty things this weekend that will be planted as soon as the area in my front yard has soil that is suitable to sustain growth and life and prettiness. :)

  5. I love my friend whose knowledge and strength helped / helps to make this future flower garden possible! She is a pal, indeed!

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I'm bummed that I missed that show, and Journey Church too. Booo. :(


At least I'm sneaky.
Although apparently I cannot correctly spell *shrug*.
Kyle Polk is an amazing drummer.
Yes, "at least you are sneaky"! We always have that to fall on! :)
Thanks for tonight... I had so much fun!
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