Monday, May 12, 2008


Flower "Fiasco"

I don't think a person could love flowers more than me. It's an inherited trait - one that I got from my mom's transferred DNA. Other, more practical ladies are overheard saying, "Don't buy me flowers. They're just going to die!" I assure you, you will never hear that statement come out of my mouth. I LOVE getting flowers. (And I'm going to continue typing this paragraph until my husband gets the message. Just kidding!)


And since this is a characteristic of my mom that we've all grown up knowing, Mendy and Derek decided a nice Mother's Day gift would be some pretty flowers. So they ordered them online.


Surprise! Mendy had surgery and Momma went down to tend to her for a while and Momma's flowers were delivered to our office while she was in Georgia with Mendy. Oops! So I got in touch with Mendy to tell her, "Hey! Thanks for the nice flowers."

To make a potentially long story short, she'd called to delay the delivery and apparently the florist didn't get the message. So they re-did the arrangement and delivered some new ones on Friday. And when Momma got home, she told me I could keep the old ones -- those that were still alive.


Lilies are my favorite. (Though, for the benefit of my husband, I also like tulips and irises, and sunflowers are my super-favorite!) So, thanks again, Mendy! :) Happy Mother's Day to you too!

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haha you are SO funny! Glad you enjoyed your mothers day gift! They really are beautiful.
LOVE the pictures-- especially the first one. Lovely.

Also: Rita getting gifts for Mothers' Day-- hehehe. ;)
Wow. These pics are really stunning.
Why, thank you! I am under no delusion that I'm a professional photographer. But I do have a great camera!! That helps, for sure!
RYC: haha. actually, Craig found those stories. So maybe he's getting the perverted sense of humor! :)But I enjoyed them too!
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