Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Meet The New Addition

Transcription from a phone call yesterday afternoon:

Kyle: What's the best thing that could possibly happen to me today?
Rita: Your boss quit or got fired.
Kyle: Hmm ... no. Second best.

What he was referencing was this:

The New Addition
Meet Roxanne.

New to Kyle, but this is a late '50s kit, making it right at 50 years old. He had acquired a cymbal some time ago that was actually quite valuable but he just couldn't seem to make it work for him. So he was taking it around to several area drummers and trying to sell it to them.

Yesterday, he found a guy who was willing to trade him the cymbal for this kit. And I'm pretty sure you can't beat that deal with a stick. (Pun completely intended.)

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BEAUTIFUL!!!! I can't wait to hear her.
Nice, now we can start playing some 50's music. YEAH!! What a deal!!
ooo pretty.
That is AWESOME!! Call us when you're ready to rock! :)
the way they are talking I'm pretty sure they are.
dang. sick.
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