Thursday, November 8, 2007


Puppy Update

This is a picture of me and Maggie holding the puppy she has aptly named "Blacky-Browny". My friend Amy brought her two girls over to see the puppies yesterday. Maggie helped me to name the puppies: Blacky-Browny (seen above), Browny-Blacky (they're nearly identical), Blacky-Whitey, Whitey-Blacky, Browny, Dakota, and Charlie.

Whitey-Blacky (the only female in the bunch) is the only one who's been spoken for "officially", but we have several friends who are interested in the rest of the pups. Their eyes and ears are still closed, but they're becoming more active. Blacky-Whitey is starting to try to pick himself up on his legs instead of just pushing around on his belly. I'm sure the others will follow soon after. He is the biggest of the bunch at this point. His legs are shaped like Oliver's. We think he'll be built like Ollie.

Blacky-Browny is the smallest and his coloring is very similar to Rosie's. We wonder if he'll look just like this in about two weeks:

Rosie when we first got her at 4 weeks old


I dig the names. Particularly Charlie. :)
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