Monday, September 10, 2007


The votes are in and ...

Kyle's band had the chance to play at the Music Farm in Charleston on Saturday. They had been invited by the lovely folks at Localx - a Sunday night radio show on 98x that had been playing their CD for the past few weeks - to compete for a chance to record a track for their A Very Local Xmas compilation.

And after an evening of hard-rocking music, the Patron Saints twanged it up and were followed by a group we were quite impressed with called OutTrap.

And when the votes were calculated, the Patron Saints tied for first.

And the radio show recommended a game of Hungry, Hungry Hippos to settle the matter of whose song would be included on the CD and who would win a discounted recording at Fusion 5 Studios. The guys aren't available for said game, so they gave the "rewards" to the other band - Blindsyght.

But the bragging rights ... those cannot be reclaimed.

Congratulations, guys.

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