Tuesday, May 15, 2007


The Flower Garden Update

It used to look like this:

(Thank GOD that's in the past)

After a day's work of pulling weeds, it looked like this:

The next day, I brought in The Professional:

Very Professional Feet! :)

And I bought some flowers:

And now it finally looks like this:

Now for the pine straw mulch and we're done!

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Yay, flowers! :D That looks great!! Isn't it fun to watch the progress?

And what professional feet! Someone has great taste in garden clogs.

Also, what happened to the middle pot? It looks like a rake dropped on it or something. Or maybe it was a shovel, which would be more useful for burying... ;)
Yay! It looks VERY good. Now you can come help me do mine! haha
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