Tuesday, May 8, 2007


The Apologies?

  1. Who knows a bass player for The Apologies? Their bassist is phasing out and they're looking for someone to replace him.
  2. Who likes the name "Bows and Sparrows" for a band? Kyle does. I do. Andrew does. Ethan doesn't.
  3. I like Andrew Brown. He is a friend.

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You cut her hair!?! YES!!! How much did you hack off?
I know of a great bass player. He's in your high school yearbook.
PS- I had a great time last night. :D
I do like "Bows and Sparrows."
I want to like it. I do. But here's the thing about "Bows & Sparrows"...

or, more accurately, the two things:

1) It immediately reminds me of some girl I saw recently, who had lots of bird tattoos, and who said happily, "They're sparrows!" And... she was wrong. They were swallows. And simple appreciation for the aesthetics of the pretty birdie aside, it seems to me incredibly silly for one to choose to permanently decorate one's body with something unknown. That would be like if you had said to the tattoo artist, "I want a beautiful orchid on my foot", and he played a mean trick on you, and gave you a flower whose Victorian meaning is "I'm a jerk." Then you would walk around saying, "Look at my beautiful orchid!" but people would look and think, "That's not an orchid. She's a jerk."

So I have this bad association with sparrows right now, and I wonder whether that girl was just wrong, or whether her tattoo artist has created a community of people who think their swallows are sparrows.

And, you know, everyone will make that same association. *rolls eyes at own know-it-all-iness*

2) It reminds me of something that's maybe trying a little too hard to be clever, like "The Oneders".

That is all.
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