Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Eating Hat

It was no secret that during Season 5 of American Idol (of which I have been a huge fan since Season 2) I was cheering for Chris Daughtry to be kicked off. The week he was removed and Elliott Yamin stayed -- the best AI week ever.

It wasn't that he was a bad performer, it's that I do not appreciate the style of music he was representing. The Creed / Nickelback, growly, grunge rock genre is my least favorite of all genres of music. Music like that should've stayed in the 90s, and we certainly don't need to be promoting new performers to sing in a style that should've disappeared 10 years ago. That's just my opinion, but it does explain my extreme dislike for Chris Daughtry.

But, alas, his CD singles are getting some airtime these days, and it's time for me to eat my hat. I thought it would suck. I thought it would be band driven and would not represent his vocal talent well at all.

And I was wrong.

It's actually pretty good. I don't buy CDs these days, so I won't be buying it, but I do listen in when his songs come on the radio. And I actually enjoy it.

Sorry, Chris, for the low expectations. Thank your producer for doing you many huge favors. And thank the public for forgiving you for this:


haha. I bought his CD and LOVE it!
hey lady. i dont watch AI all i know is that people keep voting for a guy who apparently cant sing. anyway i have not been to moncks corner in some time. i had all intentions of going in march but never did. now that i will be out of the country for most of the summer i doubt i will make it back any time soon. there are a few people there that i miss tons (you, your fam, pastor hal to name a few). i hope all is well!
i forgot that he did that slaughtering of johnny cash. and i feel you on the whole creed nickelback thing. my boss really likes both of those bands. fortunately we can compromise and listen to country or classic rock.

i wonder what would happen if good music was played over the radio waves in place of the pop nauseum?

We pretentious musician types would hate life and have nothing to listen to. We'd start listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers and (it pleases me that I'm having such a hard time thinking of a really poppy kinda group to list here, but you get the idea) out of a lack of things to be pretentious about! :)

Just my idea
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