Thursday, April 2, 2009


Mozelle Hope

One year ago today, my best friend celebrated the birth of her first child: Harper Wren. And 24 hours ago today, she celebrated the birth of her second.

I present, Mozelle Hope, or Baby Elle:

Moselle Hope

Moselle Hope

Moselle Hope

And with the birth of this child, I stumbled across my newest pregnancy goal: to look as good as Anna did right after she popped a baby out. Seriously. Unbelievable how good she looks, and this is literally less than 20 minutes after the baby was born. What an inspiration!!

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What cool names she chose for her babies! I love them!!

Also, I voted boy for you ;-) Not sure why even, I don't have any tricks or hints (oh you're carrying low, or you crave ___... yup, I never bought into that stuff, so my guess is just a random guess).
I agree, Anna looks gorgeous! My goal is to look as good as she does, too.
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