Tuesday, March 17, 2009


To Atlanta, a much belated trip

Until this past weekend, it had been exactly two years since we'd seen Alex & Jana. Two years ago (March 14 was the day I got my tattoo, and we were staying with them then), we went to Atlanta, saw an Explosions in the Sky show, stayed at their house for a few days, sleeping on air mattresses because all their stuff was either gone or in storage. They were moving to London for a while for Alex to attend seminary.

So it had been far too long. And we were really excited to get to see them this weekend.


We got in late Friday night, and were woken up by Cash on Saturday morning. Kyle LOVES Cash, so ... this was not really a problem at all! :)

And then Alex had an appointment, so after a pancake breakfast, we all headed to:


the tattoo parlor.



The not-finished product ... but this is as close to finished as I got a picture of. :)

The next morning, we got up and went to the 11 o'clock service of the church where Alex is preaching. They're planting a church in Newnan. They are meeting in an old theater-turned-bar. It's a REALLY nice venue!!





argh. crooked glasses!!!

This was an incredible weekend. And we can't wait to go back and visit again!

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I would've never noticed the crooked glasses if you hadn't mentioned them. In fact, it's still kinda hard to see they're crooked.

I'm glad you guys had a good weekend. And I'm glad I got to be the bookend on both sides of it.
I'm super-sensitive to the crooked glasses because I have to constantly take these frames for "straightening".

And we were really glad to see you twice this weekend too. I didn't mention it, though I could have put a picture of that MONSTER computer on there in place of your picture! :)
That is AWESOME! So glad you had a GREAT trip and go visit their new church. We're SO proud of them=)
1.) Yay for good trips to see friends.

2.) That's a great picture of you. You look cute and skinny. I would never have notice the crooked glasses.

3.) If you squint, your red shirt blends into the red wall, and you kind of look like an old Roman-esque bust of Rita. Like in a museum somewhere, here sits this bust, with a plaque reading, "Rita Moss Polk- blogger, knitter, momma of the most awesome kid ever".
When I wore glasses, I SWORE that my ears were lop-sided, because when I put my glasses on a flat surface, they were perfectly straight! I am very familiar with that irritation! :) Great pictures!
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