Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Till's Visit, a Photographic Wrap-Up

So I did mention that Till likes to cook, didn't I? Oh the glory of the Lord is in my kitchen this week! He cooks. And he does his own dishes. (Except for the ONE time that I insisted and did a few of my own ... but only once because, yes, I will not argue if you say, "Leave that. I'll get it." Does that make me a bad person?)

Anyway. So yeh. Till likes to cook. And I like Till's cooking.

Till Mueller, Master Chef

On Sunday night, we came in from a long day at church to this:

homemade ravioli. Excuse me, people. He MADE that pasta. With his own hands.
I impress pretty easily, I guess but Chef Boyardee is the only man who ever made me ravioli.
I'm just saying.

These photos are kinda crappy because it was so dark in the kitchen, but ...
Spinach and Ricotta stuffed ravioli with a sage butter sauce.
At my house.

Monday night, homemade lasagna. Yum!

Tuesday night appetizers:
"Russian Sushi" - steak and beets cooked with balsamic vinegar (love to hear him say "winegah"!) and a creamy horseradish sauce

Tuesday night main course:
Steak, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, onions, spinach, and some other stuff I'm probably leaving out ... cooked together and I'm not sure what it's called, but when I was done, I called it the Clean Plate Special. Yum!

Tonight was pizza night. And when I say the man cooks to feed an army, I ain't kiddin'!
There are two uncut pizzas still sitting on top of my stove.
He made the dough (without a bread machine! Wha??) and the sauce and the pizzas were great!!

Ok, his whole trip has been great. Kyle and I have both really enjoyed having him around. For more than just the fact that he cooks us dinner (though, let's be honest ... it doesn't hurt!). I feel like we haven't done all that much since he got here -- just our regular "stuff". But the weather's been great, so we've been able to sit outside together and just hang out. It's made for some great evenings. We'll be sad to see him go, for sure!

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okay so remember my request for kyle to come cook for me? no offense to kyle, but could you send till instead? also, I'll take a pizza!! thanks!
So can he come over to my house for a while? I'm eating ravioli for lunch today - but alas, it's from the can. :(
I can vouch for the lasagna. That was some AMAZING lasagna. And you know the other pregnant lady on here would have no trouble taking a pizza off your hands if you can't find something to do with it! ;)
That food is making my mouth water for real!!!! Glad you had a GREAT visit=)
Please send him to NC immediately. Don't tell Trevor, but I think I just fell in love. - Annadotes
I'm with Tasha. I'm hungry now.
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