Friday, March 13, 2009


Pregnancy Dreams

I figured this was worth documenting. Since I've been pregnant, I've had some pretty weird dreams. (Some might say this is not JUST a pregnancy thing, but something I'm kind of known for, but it's different now. They're much more vivid, or something. And I always wake up kind of half-way believing them.

The dream I had last night was about Amy and Craig, my sister-in-law and brother.

I dreamed that they were pregnant, but not married and the whole family was about to find out about the pregnancy. So the three of us were walking down the beach and I saw this preacher that I know and I was like, “Here, can you marry these two?” And he was happy to do it, so we all stood under a pier on the beach and they got married while I just walked around awkwardly. And then they lived in our old house from Georgia.



Aren't you glad that's not really how it happened?! :)
What in the world?! That is hilarious=)
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