Monday, February 9, 2009


A very brief musical post that shall describe my feelings on the weekend.

Is it safe to say that, at least for Charleston at least for the past weekend and the coming week, the groundhog just didn't look close enough? Because the past few days have been GLORIOUS!!!!! I spent as much time outside as possible on Saturday. And I wore flip flops yesterday! :) SPRING!!!!!!!!

Also making the weekend much more enjoyable was the fact that I FEEL SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER!!!!!! The past four days have been immeasurably better than the month's worth of days that preceded them. I do a little jig in my office chair just thinking about it. :-D Sweet relief! Stay with me now, ok!?

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Hallelujah!!! (in a song voice)

So happy for you!
Yeah!!! for feeling better and the wonderful weather outside. Josh and I actually took a nap in our backyard on a blanket yesterday while the kids snoozed inside=) It's been BEAUTIFUL here too!
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