Wednesday, February 11, 2009


It starts!

At almost 12 weeks, I am almost exclusively in maternity pants already. They're millions of times more comfortable than regular pants with the "belly band" thing and regular pants without the belly band thing haven't been an option for several weeks now. Despite my recent weight loss, I've got a little gut going.

(Aside: The first time Kyle saw a pair of maternity pants [not on me, just on a hanger] his first reaction was, "Those pants are NOT HOT." Hahahahaha! So true!!!)

Yesterday after work, my mom and I were leaving the office. She said, as we were walking out the door, "Rita, I'm really surprised at how much you're showing! Are you sure you're just at 11 weeks? Are you sure there's just one in there?" Both rhetorical questions, I assumed and just shrugged. According to the ultrasound, both pieces of information are correct.

Then we stopped by the grocery store on the way home. At the check-out counter, the manager of the store came up and spoke to my mom and me. (We shop there a lot. And the manager is very friendly.) When she was greeting my mom, I overheard her say quietly and excitedly, "Look at her!" (pointing to the belly) "She's having a baby, isn't she?" My mom grinned and nodded emphatically.

Yes, I'm in maternity pants, but not necessarily maternity shirts. I was just wearing a regular shirt -- a little snug, I guess, but nothing indecent. I was, after all, just leaving work.

I wasn't put-off by her noticing at all. At least she assumed it was a baby and not just me putting on weight! :-D But I am quite surprised that people are able to tell by looking already! Isn't it kinda early for that?


To my loyal readers: I don't mean for this to become a Pregnancy Blog. Sorry if I'm boring you, but it's kind of a big deal. You'll think so too when you see how awesome this kid's gonna be! :-D


Nice pants... and please don't give them back!
I want maternity pants now.
Just wait until the side comments turn into complete strangers coming up and touching your belly! You laugh - happened to me both pregnancies!!
They ARE nice pants, Erin!! Thank you again!!

Andrew, you're welcome to come try mine on, but they are "not hot"! :-D (If hotness is indeed what you're going for!)

Sarah, I'm JUST getting used to Piper Browning touching the belly. Hopefully I have some time to ease into the complete stranger thing. Oh my. That will weird me out!!
Oh no pregnancy blogs are fun to read!! :)
I agree with Susan! Especially when I can say with you, "maternity pants are HEAVEN!!"

the first time jim saw maternity pants, we were in goodwill and he held up a pair of full panel pants and said "look at the BUTT on these!!"

i laughed SO HARD!!
Old Navy has some pretty "hot" prego pants and outfits. They fit me the best. I started "showing" at different times with all my kids. I'm still in regular clothes at 15 weeks now, but was already in pregnancy pants with the first ones by 12 weeks. I've just moved up into my next size of normal clothes that I saved after I lost so much weight. You are completely normal...I promise!!=)
I have found prego pants to be a useful addition to any holiday meal.
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