Monday, February 2, 2009


Dooce = Genius

I am well aware that things only get more uncomfortable from here, no need to give me a warning that begins with the detestable phrase, "Just wait..." I can guarantee that every time you use that phrase in conversation with a pregnant woman you are earning cosmic points that when added up one day will result in a piano falling on your head.

from The Halfway Point

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I have to agree with that! I'm going to start keeping track of the points. :)
You just wait Rita...Kyle and you will have tiny fingers wrapping around yours and little feet that kick in the air. You will not be able to help but kiss them and even cry you love them so much. You will get excited over small things, like giggles and baths. Big eyes will look at you and love you unconditionally...and your heart will ache with the love that you feel. Just wait, you'll see.
Heather 'Dooce' Armstrong made the top 25 web celeb list for 2009 - at least according to Forbes. 25 Web Celebs

Mostly an unimpressive list of people you have never heard of - unless your a nerd like me.
so i visited for the first time after reading this post and promptly read almost her entire archive for the next hour and a half when i should have been doing various other household duties .... laughing my hynie off - thanks for sharing! she's a really talented writer.
I read that blog too! -- Annadotes
How are you feeling lately, Rita? Any better?
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