Thursday, January 15, 2009


Two Nephews!!

Amy & Craig found out today that they're "95% sure" they're having a boy. Really, they're only at 13 weeks, so it's "too soon to tell" for 100% sure, but supposedly you can tell sooner when it's a boy?? And there's an ultrasound picture with an arrow pointing to a designated area that says "boy parts" ... so, there ya have it. It's a boy.

So, two nephews. And a few nights ago, I dreamed I was having a girl. Time will tell, I suppose.

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You need to have a girl to balance things out a little bit. The whole time I was pregnant with Tierney I dreamed I was having a little boy - even after the ultrasound. Another friend of mine dreamed that she was having boys with both of her pregnancies, and she ended up with two girls.
Ooh, that is exciting! Boys are fun ;-) I'm anxious to hear what you're having :-)
You need a girl. Our family needs some more estrogen! :)
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