Friday, January 23, 2009


This is Awesome.

I got a phone call last night from an "Unavailable" number. You know the ones you always ignore? Yeh, well I ignored it. And a few minutes later, I checked my voicemail and there was a message from our insurance company. The message was, "This is Kendra at ICI [indistinguishable] calling to talk to Rita about [indistinguishable]. Please return this call at 866-761-[indistinguishable]." She spoke SO FAST!!!! It made me MAD. I listened to it at least ten times trying to get the phone number and finally took the phone to Kyle. I wrote down the numbers I could figure out and he finally, through trial and error, figured out what the last four numbers were.

As it turns out, the call was totally worth the struggle to get the number. It was someone calling with information about a particular program that the insurance company offers to expectant mothers. I had to answer a lot of questions and they're sending me some "educational materials" - probably similar to the ones I'll be getting from the doctor's office. But I also get two $150 gift cards to Babies R Us!


Cool - Babies-R-Us has everything!
God likes it when our family has babies...he gives us free stuff! Rock out God!
Fantastic! I LOVE Babies R Us!! What insurance company do you have? I'll have to remember to ask mine if they offer that.
Our insurance co. is United Health Care.

That's the information about the program. I keep waiting on "the catch", but I haven't found one yet! I'll keep you posted. :)
woo hoo that's my insurance too - **fingers crossed**
Dude! That is AWESOME! Wow, you've got yourself a great insurance!
That's AWESOME!!!!
That is incredible. My insurance company didn't give me anything (but bills and more bills for months after TIerney was born.)

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