Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Random Inauguration Day Thoughts

Today is an historical day. Barack Obama, a (partially) black man will become the leader of the free world. I have a couple of thoughts on this.
  1. Today is a day for celebration. America has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time to elect a black man as its leader. Yes, black. Partially so ... but black enough. It's monumental. And celebration-worthy.
  2. Even if you didn't vote for him. Even if you don't like him. He's your leader and you're obligated to pray for him. So just shutup and do it.
  3. Yesterday, a friend posted a comment on my facebook that an "Obama baby boom" is anticipated. And this makes me scratch my head and say, "For real?" I mean, the political timing of our first child's birth has not escaped our notice, though it was not related to the results of an election in the least. I am really excited about our new president and the hope and inspiration that he has, thus far, ignited in people - particularly in my generation and those younger than me. BUT HE IS NOT GOING TO SAVE THE WORLD! I'm glad our new President puts an intelligent face forward for America on a global scale. But my hope is in something higher. And the fact that people are willing to have children during his presidency moreso than any other presidency ... that's a little ludicrous. Really. (I digress.) (Though I could ramble listlessly about how retarded this is.) (sigh.)


that's why I'm having a baby...is that wrong? lol...oh wait...I got pregnant before he was elected...oh well! :)
So - what is annoying me right now is people who right on their facebook status "So thankful we have Jesus as our savior instead of a president" as if the rest of us actually view Obama as a messiah figure. Come on people, we can greatly admire a president and a man without being unfaithful to Jesus. Oh - the other status that annoys me, "so and so is watching the inaguration and praying for our country." Well, they should be praying for our country, but they act like Obama has come as the antichrist to take us all to hell. Okay - those are my complaints for the moment . . . Annadotes
Great thoughts Rita!
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