Thursday, December 4, 2008


Polkapalooza 2008

Can I just say that our house is the place to be on New Year's?

Our party is going to be awesome!!

Be there. Or be a loser.


Rub it in my face, Rita Polk.
I mean, how important is your job, really?!?! :-D
I'm looking for a babysitter, jeezz. I can't take the pressure! Someone PLEASE sit with my children on New Years!!!
I'll be a pathetic loser...hopefully moving in to our own house. The only party we'll be having is a moving party.
I guess I'm a loser too.
Amy Mills - You shall have a babysitter. And if not, Maggie and Rachel shall take Benadryl and sleep on my bed. :-D (That's a joke! I do not endorse drugging kids to sleep!)

Leo - You are excused. Only on account of your moving and I remember how stressful that is.

Amy Moss - You are without excuse.
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