Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Kitchen Update

We finally finished up a project in our home, last weekend. One that we'd been putting off for almost four years. Our kitchen. It was verging on ridiculous how long it took us to buckle down and finish painting the walls in there. Red all the way up to the top but never trimmed out. Our intentions were to purchase crown moulding and hang it. But, (a) that's expensive and (b) it's difficult and (c) really, after four years, it's fallen very low on the priority list, if we're being honest!

So we painted. All the way to the top. So now when our friend Matt comes for New Years, he won't be able to say, as he has for the past two years, "Next year, I can come a few days early. It'll only take an hour or two to trim this room out and get it finished."

one gold wall, three red ones -- painted all the way up to the top
and a new painting to tie it all together! :)
(I married into talent, y'all!)


ooo pretty!
Lol, I must say - it IS about time! I remember you posting about that kitchen and the red walls back in our Xanga days!!

That being said, LOVE the walls (when we are in a place we can paint, we'll have fun like that too) and LOVE the painting!
Dude.... We need to remodel our kitchen. We've been "working on it" for 2 years. Lol!
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