Monday, November 10, 2008


Husband of the Year

I have to give Kyle Polk some much-deserved credit.

He. Is. Awesome.

Saturday sucked MOST of the day (except for a few hours during a birthday cookout at my parents' house). I mean, I made the most of all situations that made the day sucky, but mostly ... it just flat-out sucked. And I didn't get a lot of sleep, which apparently alters my mood more drastically than I realized.

Kyle spent most of the day at home. He did several loads of dishes, sorted laundry, cleaned the laundry room, gave Oliver a bath, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned floors, and many other things that I'm probably forgetting to name. And he also, quite patiently, put up with my awful grouchiness. (I mean, it was BAD!)

We live together, so we see the good and the bad in high concentration. And it's easy to focus on the bad and make generalizations. (Me: "You NEVER help with the dishes!" or "You ALWAYS unfold all the clean clothes!", Him: " You NEVER wash my socks!" or "You ALWAYS have to make the bed up while I'm in it!" [ok, that last one may actually be true.])

But I'm here to tell everyone that I married a good man. And we love each other. A lot. Mark this marriage down as one of my best decisions. Hands down.

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Saturday was mostly sucky for me too, especially the part where I failed to surprise you!...I like Kyle, we can be friends...I'll call him Fred!
This was a good post. :)
this was probably the sweetest post I've read today. I love hearing wives brag on their hubbies! Yay for good men!
Hahahaha. I saw this today and it is TOTALLY what I looked like at various points on Saturday! I mean, really could you imagine putting up with this?!?!
Hahahahaha!! So your life on Saturday would have seemed a lot less crazy if there had been an invisible cat around?
Good for you two! I like people who like marriage and their spouse.
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