Friday, November 14, 2008


Friday Afternoon Foolishness

You know how every church has a "secret bathroom"? It's true. I think it's a secret that church architects share - that every church should have a Staff Only Bathroom. In the church where I work, the "secret bathroom" is in the Pastor's Study. Therefore, when he's at work, it's not accessible. So we share the hallway bathroom with a bunch of potty-training two- and three-year olds. Can be quite frustrating.

But when he's NOT here, the "secret bathroom" is fair play for any of the other office staff.

I'm pretty sure Hal knows what's up, even though it's not a verbal policy. Though, I do feel a little awkward, sometimes, walking into his office. Maybe there are "secret pastor things" in there that maybe I'm not supposed to see. So I maintain focus, eyes straight ahead, with one purpose in mind. In and out. As quick as possible. Grateful, every second, that I'm not in the Toddler Bathroom.

But, you see. There's this duck.

(Weren't expecting that one, were you?)

No, it's not a live duck, though it may have been at one time. I've never gotten close enough to investigate. Because it stares at me. Every time I'm in there. And it creeps me out.

It sits on top of a filing cabinet just outside the "secret bathroom" door. And glares at me with its beady red eyes as I walk in. And he's the first to notice if I emerge with toilet paper stuck to my shoe.

I would've taken a picture to accompany this post, but for some I've convinced myself that this duck can really see me. That if I took a camera back there and stuck it in his face, he'd bite at me or something. And THAT would really creep me out.

But you've seen a duck before. So use your imagination.


Wow...I had no idea there was a bathroom in there. Interesting. As for the duck, he creeped me out during our marriage counseling. Stuffed animals are just not normal!
you know - I tell Maggie that she's unreasonable for being scared of the fan. I say, "why only the fan then, why not the lamp and the coffee pot?" So, maybe we should talk.
I haven't found the secret bathroom at our church but I found a glorious one at school! Anyway... I need to see a picture of this duck.
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