Thursday, September 25, 2008


The Hat ... Not Completed. Yet.

(Side Note: I don't know that I've ever actually heard the Beatles sing "Lovely Rita" ever. But the song has followed me around since the 7th grade with at least one teacher each year singing it to me while calling roll. Thanks to Mr. Colbert for starting the trend. Anyway. It's on now and I'm kinda digging it. If it's my new favorite does that make me arrogant?)


This is where I stand on this hat project. It wasn't going so well. So I pulled it out to start over. And, instead of retrying with the "good" yarn, I just started over on another color (of the same yarn ... don't ask. I'm dumb.) and this is the finished product.

I super hate taking pictures of myself.

Hoorah! I'm finished with it! Now I can re-cast on for the blue one! :-D


I love it!
That is a sa-weet hat! Now you need to make me a green one! lol!
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