Monday, August 4, 2008


I suck at blogging sometimes.

I've been somewhat absent from the blogging scene lately. It has been true in my life that when my blog becomes really uninteresting, it's usually because life is becoming really interesting.

"Interesting" means different things at different times. Sometimes I'm just too busy -- as life is prone to be during certain seasons. Sometimes the things that I'd potentially write about are too personal to put a blog for all the world to see/read. Sometimes I'm going through times that just don't need documenting. And sometimes -- as has been the case this time -- I'm really learning a lot and processing a lot and find that the time is better spent listening than speaking ... or blogging, as it were. This probably falls under the "too personal" category, though perhaps in a more positive sense than other situations.

There's been a fair dose of family drama lately ([disclaimer] having nothing to do with any aforementioned announcement or anyone involved in/affected by that announcement). We've seen positive things come out of the situation I'm referencing, but still see some work ahead of us. If you know the situation, your continued prayers are always welcome.

And there's been a large dose of learning going on. I think that for the first time ever I'm learning the importance of depending on Christ for life and not just for salvation. And that statement is pretty loaded. The application is even more so. It's a big lesson. That even in the small things... Even when I feel capable and able and equipped to do whatever comes into my path. Even when I could do things alone. ... it's better when I rely on something higher and better than myself. It's what Jesus did. And this sounds so theoretical and abstract, my realist mind is still struggling with the application. But there it is.

So that's where I am. While I'm a sucky blogger these days (Except for the Harry Potter trailer. That was blogging awesomeness at its best.), I like to think I'm becoming a better person. And that's more important anyway.

All I can say is... I feel you. Is that response too gangsta? Oh well, I mean it.
I'm the same way, mostly; my life gets interesting and my blog goes dead. That, or my brain goes dead, and the blog goes dead too.
I must say, I agree! Life is too precious for us to take it for granted...our own or the one's of those we hold dear. In any case, our only hope is the Risen Christ and His power over us and all of his creation. God is teaching me that HE is bigger than anything I will ever face or deal with and HE wants to wipe away the tears and show me what HE is powerful enough to do. Isn't prayer a gift? It's the only way I know to tell God about my heartbreak!
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