Friday, July 25, 2008


I'm gonna be ...

an aunt!


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They certainly look excited. :)

Congrats. I think. Is it okay to congratulate someone on being an aunt..?
Maybe "shocked" is the word. Also, my dad never smiles. But he doesn't look MAD, so maybe that's as excited as he gets. (Also, if you look at the pictures on Mendy's site, he's smile/crying.)

And, yes. Congratulations are welcome. :)
This is when you take your sister out for a big dinner. Yes, to congratulate her on the new baby - but more so for taking the pressure off of you!! :) Yeah, Mendy. :) Congratulations!!
why did I JUST read these comments and realize that I'm not sure who Sarah is at this point...but she's a good friend. you should listen to her. I'll be back in a few weeks! :)
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