Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This made my day.

For as long as I've known that it's possible to adopt babies from China, I've thought that that's something I'd want to do. And if Kyle ever warms up to the idea, I'll have this little girl to thank.


This is Rachel Mills. She's the two-year-old daughter of our good friends John & Amy. She's the cutest little thing. And for some reason, she loves Kyle and me. Which, let's admit it, it's good for our ego, if slightly puzzling. I think it has something to do with Kyle's drumming, because Rachel loves music. And she's an awesome dancer! :)

Side note: She even took her relationship with Kyle to the next level on Friday night by planting one right on his mouth to tell him good night. He plays it down, but I know his heart melted right there in the living room floor.

And this morning, Amy sent me this message.
Yesterday, Rachel was playing and had toy sunglasses. She put them on her head (like how you wear them on your head) and said, "Rita". She was thinking of you!
:sigh: John & Amy, if she ever turns up missing, don't check our house! :)

IMG_5209 IMG_1627

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David and I have talked about having 4 of our own and then adopting other children from around the world, too.
Well, we know she has great taste!

And...if you need info. on getting started adopting, we're the ones to see:) As you can see, it's amazing!
I love that picture of you! Don't let your mom see it. ;)

We've talked about adopting, too. Not any time soon, but we'd love to in a few years.
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