Monday, May 19, 2008


Recommended Reading

Typically I reserve "Recommended Reading" for books and not for blogs. (Much the same as I would reserve "films" for actual films and not movies. Similar concept.)

But Andrew's post today is kinda like a book.
Sermony is the word he used, I believe.

I completely identified with this part:
Anymore, if I pray it is because I seek to strongarm God into conforming to my will. If I study Scripture, it is to prove my interpretation is correct. If I eat, it is in my car, on the run, as a necessity, not a holy act, not as thanksgiving and communion; eating has become equivalent to urinating or defecating — something I merely must do to satiate an urge and keep from dying. I’m just too busy to prepare a meal and enjoy it with God or with friends. I’m just too busy to be still and know God. I’m just too busy…
The entire post is definitely a worthwhile read. And I may heed his Recommended Reading (an actual book) once again -- even though the last book he recommended ended up being used for toilet paper during a near-crisis at the Polk house.

Just kidding. (Or am I?) (Of course I am.)

I'm so torn. My heart wants to do exactly as you say. My head says it's ludicrous. And my head is the one who has to pay the bills.
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