Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Disturbing News

My husband hates the local news. HATES it. When we watch anything on Fox, if it goes off at 10, he jumps up and turns the TV off before he has a chance to hear anything that might make him upset -- aggravated, mad, nervous, scared. Any of the emotions that a 30 minute segment of the local news tends to bring up.

Well tonight, he fell asleep during the American Idol finale, and I left the TV on as I came into the kitchen to get on twitter and say something like "Whoo hoo! Yay, David Cook! I'd have voted for you if I could've gotten through the busy phone lines last night!" in 140 characters or less.

So I vaguely overheard as they spoke of a body found up the street from my house. And in the back of my head, I kind of remember overhearing the name Burbage and registered sex offender and such.

And then my phone rang. It was my mom. "Are you watching the news? I recognize the man whose picture they were showing just now. I think he's been in your office before."

So I googled the information she was able to give me. And though I try not to get worked-up over potentially dramatic things like this, this is creepy.

This guy - a registered sex offender turned murderer (MURDERER!) - was in my office last week. And that, my friends, will keep me up tonight. I really feel like I might be sick.

First off, that gives me the heebie jeebies.

Second... I just got home from work and I'm watching the show right now and KICKING MYSELF for reading your blog and spoiling the results for myself. But YAY DAVID COOK!!
Oh. My. word. Yeah, I'd be puking too... Oh my gosh, how absolutely CREEPY!!!
You should do everything you can go to get rid of all the sex offenders in your neighborhood. I'm 7 for 7 in getting rid of registered sex offenders. It's actually easy, and it's not illegal.

The trick is to first get all the neighborhood informed of the registered sex offender. The next part is to have EVERY person in the neighborhood write one letter, sent three days apart. Take pictures of him everytime he leaves the house. His job should be located on the registry, so go around to businesses near where he works and inform them that a convicted child rapist is working next to them. Create a petition for them to sign and to add their emails andphone numbers.

Next, start ratheting up the surveillance. NOTE: it is NOT ILLEGAL, despite what many people think or even law enforcement wants you to think. NO real cop wants to arrest anyone who is harassing a registered sex offender. This is vital to know as cops who arrest people attacking sex offenders through psy-ops methods are not going to remain on the force or the department very long, and will never make seargean.

Ratchet up the surveillance. Send two letters a week. Send descriptive letters to neighbors, telling them what he can do to your kids if he's allowed to say in the neighborhood.

Most of all, remember Burbage. Because every...EVERY! ... registered sex offender needs to be in one of three places.

1. Prison
2. Sex offender colony (for those who are past probation, but need to be segregated from society.
3. DEAD. That is most prefered, and cops do not really investigate such killers as much as you'd think.
Wow. That's scary. And it makes me sick. Ugh.
Wow. Peter, you're hardcore.

Maybe you didn't get this: He's in JAIL! For _MURDER_!
Rita, also disturbing is that when I look up Hampton Burbage on the sex offender list - he does not come up! This is what I use, and trust, to keep me aware of who is surrounding my children. Oh my...
He shows up on as "Hamp Burbage".
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