Friday, April 11, 2008


Weekend Excitement

First, there's this. It's really silly, but, if you're using Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer 7, look at the address bar at the top. I got a one of these on the side next to the URL. I'm awesome. And also, such a geek. But not really. A wannabe geek. Which is worse.

Anyway. This weekend is full of all kinds of excitement. Starting with the return of The Office last night. (I still giggle when I think of Michael sipping the wine and commenting on the"oaky afterbirth". Yuck!) And tonight, Andrew and Emily are coming to town for the weekend! Whoo hoo! I always love when they visit. They're two of my favorites. Their friend Jacob Johnson is playing at the Map Room tonight and we'll be trying to get down there in time to see that.

And tomorrow night is the Explosions in the Sky show at the Music Farm! Kyle and I saw them in Atlanta last March and we're really excited to see them again.

And whether action-packed or completely relaxing, I hope your weekend is refreshing.


Also, there are these pictures from a wedding that I missed last weekend. They're gorgeous!! Thought you'd like to see them. Also, if you look closely, you'll see some pretty awesome-looking wedding programs! :)

I see it! I see the "R"! And I like it. Nice work. ;)
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