Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Things I Hate, Part 1

I don't know that this will ever become a regular spot on My Life as a Novel, because I don't think there are many things that I legitimately "hate". But this one needs to be said.

For the record: I hate the word "tender".

I've heard it coming into frequent use in the vocabularies of some of my friends. I hate it. Usually it's used in this type of an instance:
Me: "Angela told me to tell you your hair is superbly awesome."
Friend: "Aw, that's tender."

"Tender" is for meat, not moments or compliments.

For your use in coming up with some other way of saying "that's nice" without using the word "tender", please refer to this website:


Thank you.

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Let it all out, you are amoung friends. I really enjoy these tender moments.
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