Monday, February 11, 2008


What a Difference a Year Makes

Monday, February 11, 2008. The Anniversary of the day that The Polks set out on a proverbial hunt: The Church Hunt. On Sunday, February 4, 2007, Kyle played his last drum beat and I MediaShouted my last MediaShout as members of First Baptist Church. And on Sunday, February 11, we struck out for the often-elusive "something more".

And two months later, we met our destiny in the persons of Clay Jernigan, Will Browning, and Chris Cinnamon.

And one year after our scheduled departure, I am here to confess that we did the right thing. Confirmation after confirmation (some more serious than others) have sealed the deal. And it's not just because they put a new roof on our house, but it's because they cared enough to put a roof on our house. And it's not just because they helped us throw Polkapalooza 2008, but because they're also going to help with Polkapalooza 2009. And it's not just because our small groups rock hard, but because the small group wouldn't rock quite as hard without the hard-rockin' people in them. And it's not just because the people are awesome, but because they've helped us to realize that Jesus is important enough to recapture and reinvent The Church.

And for millions more reasons, and reasons I don't even know yet ... I am grateful every single day that we did what we did, despite confusion about the next step.

What is God calling you out to do?

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I loved checking out your church's website. (I noticed both you and Kyle in the video clip they have there!)

Makes me almost miss living in a larger population center for the church choices that offers. :)

So glad to hear how God is moving and growing you. :) -L
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