Thursday, January 24, 2008


Would somebody please buy my dogs a rawhide bone???

Budgeting. It's been our New Year's Resolution to do better about The Polk Family budget this year. Which really, this resolve came at a great time, being that January always brings with it a few big "annual bills" that make it a tight money-month anyway.

A small list of items was removed from our "regular shopping list" - among those things were rawhide bones for our dogs. Instead we went with the more economical Milk Bones. But, you see, treats and rawhide bones ... they're different. Treats are the things that our dogs will sit for - tails wagging, and eyes fixed in anticipation. Rawhide bones are items that are made for dogs to chew on for lengthy periods of time. I'm not sure who "invented" the rawhide bone, but I'm pretty sure he owned beagles.

Because this is what happens when you stop budgeting for rawhide bones. They find stuff to chew on. First, Andrew's cell phone. Then an ink pen - which burst and stained a blanket -- fortunately it was an old one. And now:

This post is for entertainment purposes only. Seriously, don't buy my dogs a rawhide bone.

Rita - I finally signed up to be able to leave a comment! Whoo Hooo!! I'm not sure what to say.

Go buy your dog a good bone - It may save your budget.:)
Precisely! I've gotten a couple of email/IM comments from people who have said, "Are Milk Bones really that much cheaper than rawhide bones?" That's beside the point. I guess I could've written this so that it reads a little more clearly that the point is, they're making me spend more money replacing things (except for the old blanket and the ink pen)!
Just for the record Dollar Tree has rawhide bones. Maybe this will be both an budget AND remote-friendly swtich.
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