Friday, January 11, 2008


Oh. My. Word.

Sometimes the creepiness of a church office is just too much.

Just now, a family came into my office for a box of food. (The church where I work has a food pantry that is very busy.) A girl hung out in the office with her toddler for a few minutes, while her step-dad walked down the hall. She told me that they had been to the Salvation Army for some assistance, but they didn't offer any help. "That lady up there, she needs deliverance. She's got evil all over her."

I'm totally using that line.

A few minutes later, her step-dad came back into the office and as he walked through, he accidentally closed the door on his grandson's fingers. The little boy's mom bent over and picked him up to comfort him, and the kid was crying pretty hard. (It's a very heavy door.) Granddad grabbed the little boy's hand to survey the damage. No broken skin, and his fingers were moving, so he did what most parents and grandparents do as a cure-all - he kissed the boy's fingers.

The little boy stopped crying and gave the man this look of "What in the world are you doing?"

Immediately, the man started dancing around my office singing, "I got wonderful healing power ... the power of the Lord is on me ... "

And then I gave the man the look of "What in the world are you doing?" ... and then they left.


A bonafide twilight zone moment.
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