Wednesday, December 5, 2007



I got a voicemail last night from a lady who is interested in a puppy. So I returned the phone call this morning just after I arrived at work. The following creepy conversation is a result of that phone call.

Lady: Dorchester County Magistrate Court.
Rita: May I speak to Christy, please.
Lady: Umm... she's in the lady's room.
Rita: (thinks, 'wow, that's a bit personal. "she's away from her desk" would've sufficed.') Ok. This is Rita. I'm returning a personal call. I can hold or leave a number for her to return a call.
Lady: (laughs) Oh I know who you are. (laughs uncomfortably) Hold on just a second. I'm not at my desk.
Rita: (thinks, 'what?') (holds)
{brief hold}
Lady: (in a quiet voice) She's late this morning. She's not usually late and I'm not sure where she is ... yeh, she's never late.
Rita: Um. Well, she called me about a puppy. I was returning her call and this was the number she left for me. I can leave a number for her to call me back when she gets in.
Lady: (laughs very uncomfortably) Yeh, I don't know why I said I knew who you were. I don't. (chuckle) Sure, you can leave a number. (The relief in her voice is apparent.)

And now I'm left to wonder. What the heck was that about?


Whoa. Definitely weird.
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