Thursday, December 27, 2007


Christmas Memories

There are a couple of reasons that I blog. One - to document things so I don't forget them. Two - to share funny things with the five people who read this blog. Three - just because I like to.

This is a blog post that comes from the formerest persuasion. I am documenting this because (a) I think I'm hilarious and (b) I like to remember forms of my own hilarity.

There's this song:

It's on the Christmas with Johnny Cash CD that Kyle and I stole from his brother about four years ago. :) I find that it makes for a great Christmas morning wake-up call. I just change up the words a bit. And bump it up a few octaves. And really lean into my Georgia accent. Singing Johnny Cash songs is one of the times this accent is an asset! :)

"Merry Christmas, Kylie.
Thank you for Harry Potter.
Thank you for the moooovies.
Thank you for Harry Potter.

Merry Christmas, Kylie.
Thank you for the magazine.
Thank you for Real Siiiimple.
Thank you for the magazine ...

... subscription."

Ok, enough of my corniness. (Clay, you thought your "rita-bita-bita ... " was bad!)

My parents HOOKED ME UP this year. I got a new Canon Digital Rebel XTi for Christmas! (Sweet!) But since they didn't know a memory card didn't come with the kit, I didn't get pictures until after Christmas Day. Here's some day-after-Christmas photographic-awesomeness ala The Rebel - my new best friend.

Kyle was not feeling model-y at all, as he had spent most of the day tearing carpet out of a really really nasty "puppy room". The room had been his studio, until the puppies were born, and it was sacrificed so that the puppies could be kept warm and cozy and contained. Yesterday, it was reclaimed, as almost all the puppies are gone. We have one left - and we're going back and forth about whether or not to just buy the thing a collar and make it ours. No decision yet.

Wow - that was quite a tangent. He worked hard. The end.

But who could say no to that face?!

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hey rita! i hope your Christmas was truly blessed! your photos are gorgeous. i hope to catch up with y'all sometime!
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