Thursday, November 1, 2007


The Silver Lining

I work in a church office. One of my daily responsibilities is to check the email address that receives email from the church's webpage. We get emails from seriously ridiculous people on a daily basis. Every parachurch organization, it seems, has an agenda to promote that they feel is best promoted by way of mass emails. To churches.

Take, for instance, the flyer that was emailed to the church office yesterday calling for a boycott of Halloween, questioning the wisdom and criticizing the parental abilities of those who allow, and even encourage (gasp!), their children to read Harry Potter, and claiming that "we walk in the light," so that means Halloween is bad. Because on Halloween, it is dark.

I'm so ashamed to be grouped with those types of people.

But moving along ...

One of the emails we've been receiving with increasing frequency is one that claims that we Christians are losing our freedom of speech. According to this email, certain legislations are being discussed among leaders in our government which would prohibit any pastor to speak from the pulpit and claim that homosexuality is a sin.

If this were to be true, I can already see the silver lining.

Westboro Baptist Church will be doing the majority of its ministry from behind bars.

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