Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Learning to Follow Through

I'm a planner. I work with checklists a lot. I work best when given a cut-off date. I cannot be trusted to finish a project unless I'm given a definite, unmoving due date. It's the way I work... sad as it is. I'm only at my best when a Date of Accountability is set.

Take my house as an example. It is basically a roof over a building full of unfinished projects. We've lived there for two years and haven't ever completely finished some kitchen projects. Our bathroom has remained unfinished and untouched for almost a year. One of our bedrooms has been untrimmed and crappily painted for two years, with a ceiling fan that is literally on its last leg.

Well it was high time we put our heads together to develop a plan for getting these things taken care of. So my husband, the paint store clerk, went to work with a list of supplies to bring home last week. He brought the supplies home and we set to work over the weekend.

The biggest of the three projects we aim to complete over the next two or three weeks is painting what's become known as The Orange Room ... for obvious reasons.

There are three bedrooms in our house and when we bought it, we said one room could be used for my things and the other was for Kyle's. Both are guest bedrooms, but his has some of his art things in it while mine has my grandmother's sewing machine and all my crafting supplies in it.

When we first moved in, Kyle said he wanted to paint his room orange. So being the nice wife that I am, when he was out of town the weekend of his birthday, I invited a friend over and we painted. It was raining all weekend. My friend forgot to mention that this was her first experience painting. Ever. This is what we call A Very Bad Idea. That was the weekend of June 25, 2005.

And still, as of October 12, 2007, the walls resembled this:

And on Saturday, after a coat of primer, they looked like this:

And after last night, they look like this:

Oh so pleasing to my eyes. I make a point of peeking in the door to make sure it's still really finished whenever I pass by the room.

Now we just have to decide what color we're going to paint the trim. In a general sense, I despise painting trim. Especially when said trim is natural wood which matches the hardwood floors. But that can hardly be said of most of the trim in this particular room. I think the people who we bought our house from let their 8 year old paint his own room before they moved out. The trim, now against a solid wall, really stands out.


So ... that to go and the room is done. Room 1 / 3 to be finished before November.

Can it be done? It's a race to the finish!

"And why," you may be thinking, "are you in a rush to get things done before November?"

We're getting a Roommate! :)

wow my hair looks awful in this picture.

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Yay for finished projects! (I have my own to work on...) I like your visual aids.

Also, I disagree about your hair.

And you three look like good roomies.
I also have a roommate.
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