Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Just Keep Plugging ...

The Journey Church has affected our lives in a lot of ways and one of the less spiritual effects of joining up with this group has been the introduction of Harry Potter into our lives. We've borrowed the books from the Mills and have been devouring them over the past few weeks. We've rented all the movies. And since we both had Monday off, Kyle and I went to downtown Charleston to the IMAX theater to catch the newest movie, The Order of the Phoenix. (more...)

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Now Hold on for a second. Didn't I just read a few weeks ago that Harry Potter is the reborn Satan and will lure little children to the dark art of witchcraft? Well I guess not every church can be as down to earth and reasonable as yours. So yeah I guess you made a pretty good choice. (I myself tried to withstand the trend up to the fifth volume, but somehow it got me and of course I'm hooked, books, dvd's, audio books - the whole deal).
AUDIO BOOKS! That's the key to getting through it faster!

I'm such a dork! I watched the first four movies, then started the books. Now I've seen the fifth movie, but I'm still on the third book. And I can't WAIT to see what happens after the fifth movie!! But I won't skip ahead. That would be "cheating".

So I guess I should invest in some audio books so I can listen when I don't have time to read! :-D
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