Friday, August 24, 2007


Passive-Aggressive Wifing

Recently, a friend was telling me about a trip she took to the Market in Downtown Charleston where she saw a unique trinket. I don't remember what it was really called, but for the sake of story, let's call it the Anniversary Jar.

On one side of the Anniversary Jar is inscribed the Couple's Name. And on the other side is their Wedding Anniversary Date. As the story goes, it was a custom that every couple would receive a jar like this for a wedding gift. Then as the anniversary approaches, the wife turns the jar around so that the date is showing. This would be a "subtle reminder" to the husband, "Hey, don't forget to make plans! It's coming up!" And when the husband has successfully made the plans, he assures his wife by turning the jar back around so that their names are showing.

So, in the tradition that this entrepreneurial old man has passed along:

Very subtle.

I like it. :)
so how does he turn it around? Does he have to hack into your blogg, or steal your password?

He never reads my blog anyway. This is mostly just written to humor myself. :)
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