Monday, July 16, 2007


Just Sit Back and Watch The Journey Church ROCK!

Today (approximately 30 minutes ago), I was walking from the parking lot into the building, returning from my lunch break when my phone rang.

A good friend of mine was stranded with a broken-down vehicle about 25 minutes from where I work. If I were about to take my lunch break, she said, she could really use a ride home! Being that I was just returning to work, I knew it would be difficult for me to be there in a timely fashion.

So I called upon The Journey Church Network of Awesomeness. And as I type this, the good friend is in the great care of a Mister John Mills who left his workplace with absolutely no hesitation to help out my friend. The friend of a friend, yes. But a stranger to him.

Excuse me? Did you catch that? That's friggin' awesome!!

My church rocks.

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Your church does rock.

Just wait for the call in the middle of the night all godfather style: "Ahh you owe us a favor, we have this body to dispose of, you got dogs right..."

just kidding your church does seem to rock
Ha! Till! That's awesome!
Yay for great churches!
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