Friday, June 1, 2007


Shmell Phones

My cell phone was stolen two weeks ago. Despite the $6/month I pay for "insurance" on our phones, the "insurance" company says I have to pay $50 to get a refurbished version of the FREE PHONE that was stolen from me. I've paid $6 a month since September that will "insure" that my phone is replaced when stolen/broken. That's $54 that I've already paid ... on top of $50 they want me to pay again ... for a free phone?

Needless to say, I've removed the "insurance" payment from our plan. What good is "insurance" if it doesn't "insure" anything?

So now I'm looking for a new phone. I started at ebay. This is what I see. My old Free Phone going for $130?? Highway Robbery, I tell ya!

sounds awfull, but insurance companies are always trying to get out of paying anything using the lack of knowledge of their customers. If you send me a copy of your policy I can take a look and see if there is anything to be done
I love knowing a lawyer! Will do, Till!

Sorry for being an ignorant consumer! If you stayed in America, I bet you could make a fortune handling lawsuits for even more ignorant consumers! :)
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