Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Busiest Week of My Life

Monday night: painted bedroom

Tuesday night: Kyle's band members all came over for dinner and then watched a video of their show from Saturday (in which they ROCKED, in case you missed that)

Tonight: Wilco in Charlotte!! Whoo hoo!!

Tomorrow night: I'm leaving to go to Hampton to spend several
days with Heather and Jamie for Joy's FIRST BIRTHDAY!

A year old already? That's how I feel about it too!

Friday night: Still in Hampton ... it's Watermelon Festival week, so I'm sure we'll find something to do. People in Hampton (ahem, Edith!) take the festival pretty seriously. My favorite festival story happened in 1983, when Ms. Edith, 9 months pregnant and "about to pop", still found her way to the street dance on Friday night before going into labor. Kyle was born later that night.

Saturday: Baby Joy's Birthday Party. And I head home afterwards, hopefully to catch dinner and maybe church with a friend.

Sunday: Hopefully it will prove to be a day of rest.

Monday: Day off. Kyle's birthday! Yay!!!

my favorite (and only) watermelon festival story: First and only time to get into a hampton bar, is there more than one downtown?, without being carded (was 17 or 18 at that time).
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