Thursday, April 5, 2007


Two Down and One Williams To Go

Goodbyes are never fun or easy. But this one was a little easier than usual, perhaps. They're moving to the town (less than 2 hours away) where my mother-in-law lives. We go there fairly often anyway. So we'll definitely see them when we go visit.

The hardest part will be when they don't come by my office next week and say, "Lunch?" It'll be bad when I'm the only young person in staff meeting next week. Tuesday night American Idol will not be the same if I'm alone at my house with no friends to criticize Haley or Sanjaya with me. When Heather doesn't come in on Monday and sit in my office for Adult Conversation after a morning of baby stuff, that'll be weird.

If you didn't know, you two will be missed.


Yes, maybe he will mail you one. He is a nice guy like that. Also, you know I am not actually preggo. I just happened to buy pickles and ice cream one day and I thought it was funny. Although I do appreciate a good pregnant rumor every once in a while just as much as the next guy, so thank you ;)

ps: doesn't joshua harris have something in "i kissed dating goodbye" in it that says pregnancy is caused by kissing...???
I believe you are right, Annie. Kissing and touching knees.
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