Thursday, April 12, 2007


"So, you come here often?"

Kyle's band had a show last night at the Map Room. I am an individual who requires much sleep, so the fact that I was in attendance at a 10 o'clock weeknight show (which doesn't end until 11, and has other acts playing after that) shows my complete devotion to and love for Mr. Kyle Polk. [yawn]

I mostly relegated myself to the couches last night, as I am generally no good after 10:30 PM. I was as comfortable as possible without a book and my bed. (I really do try not to be old, but I guess it happens to the best of us.)

The show was good. Afterward, we hung around for the bands that followed because Kyle's courteous that way. I, having firmly planted and rooted my butt to that couch, was pretty much good for nothing. Fortunately there were friends around who took pity on me and sat with me. When Kyle got done tearing down his stuff he came and sat with me. The seating arrangement looked like this:

Until about three songs into the second band's set. When a young (under 21) thing came and took a seat next to Kyle. I, being sleepy but not dead, immediately took notice.

This girl was flirting with my husband. Right in front of me. Of course, she had no way of knowing we were together. Being firmly planted as I was, I had not really reacted when he came to sit beside me. I could just as easily have been sitting with Andrew as with Kyle.

So the conversation was brief and another guy came up to sit next to her. He walked off and she followed shortly after. Kyle went up to the bar and was talking to a friend of his a few minutes later. She came up behind him and started talking again, apparently flirting. To the point where Adam said to Kyle, "Does your wife know about her?"

But Kyle kept brushing it off saying, "She is just lonely. She needs a buddy." (Not that he was volunteering himself as The Buddy, but just that he was refusing to accept that she was actually flirting with him.)

I kept volunteering Andrew or Philip - one of our single friends - to run offense. She was a cute girl! And other than the fact that she was flirting shamelessly with my husband, she could've been a good catch for a single guy. Who knows?

As Kyle and I were making the rounds and saying our goodbyes, I spotted her one last time peering at him through the door as she was standing outside. Weird!

And the only thing Kyle could say was, "She must be really desperate if she's flirting with me. Really desperate or really lonely. And really lonely makes me feel not quite so bad, so that's what I'm going to call it."


I re-read this and it seems like I'm angry about it or something. I'm not. Just so you know. It was just a funny occurrence. I thought I'd share it.

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At work today, some guy was flirting with my boss, and she was sort of flirting back. And I guess some of the pressure of flirtateous banter was relieved by focusing on a third party-- namely, me. And it was really weird to be uninvolved on the periphery of the electricity.

I imagine it would be weirder if I had claim to the one of the participants.
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